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The Belarusian Film Critics Award Red Heather is meant to celebrate the best achievements in the field of Belarusian cinema – cinema created by Belarusians by their citizenship or background, both in the country and abroad. The awards are intended to draw attention to these achievements and contribute to empowering the Belarusian film community.


The first edition of the award took place in 2021-2022 – its establishment was caused by the brutal suppression of independent culture in Belarus, which the Lukashenka regime began in retaliation to mass protests. Belarusian film critics then decided to create an award that would become a guide to Belarusian cinema, and would also compensate for the loss of independent movie theaters by supporting the efforts of Belarusian filmmakers.


The jury of Red Heather includes film critics, journalists, experts, researchers, and bloggers. They evaluate short and full-length feature films, documentaries and animated films and award prizes in 13 nominations: Best feature-length film, Best feature-length short film, Best full-length documentary film, Best documentary short film, Best animated film, Best director, Best actor, Best actress, Best cinematography, Best screenplay, Best art direction (work of production designer), Best sound design (awarded to composer and/or sound designer), Discovery of the year. The films that were released in two years prior to the award are eligible for consideration.

Irena Kaciałovič
Red Heather award co-founder

Belarusian film critic and journalist, a member of the International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI, a member of the jury of the Golden Globe Awards. She acted as a member of the jury at film festivals in Belarus, Germany, Croatia, and Poland. She worked as a film critic and cultural journalist for Zvyazda and Nasha Niva, wrote reviews for Radio Svaboda, was an editor and host of a show about culture on TV channel Belsat. Co-founder of Belarusian Independent Film Academy (BIFA).

Taras Tarnalitski
Red Heather award co-founder

Belarusian journalist, creator of the Telegram channel about Belarusian cinema Sacred Belawood. He has been working in the media for 15 years, published in more than 30 media in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Member of the Belarusian Association of Journalists. He was a member of the jury of Open Air Film FestUnfiltered CinemaVelcom Smartfilm, acted as an invited film critic, expert and manager in a number of film initiatives.

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